Why You Should Choose Granite as Your Kitchen Countertop Toronto

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kitchen countertop torontoOne of the most important parts of the kitchen is the countertop. It is generally the face of the kitchen, and should complement and accentuate the cabinets, flooring, backsplash, paint and appliances. Increasingly over the last years, the natural choice for the best kitchen countertop is granite. There are many different reasons to choose granite over the alternatives, and while the price is definitely higher than other options, it is definitely worth it when compared to the benefits.
Granite is a Naturally Occurring Product
Granite is a natural stone product that forms under extreme pressure over millions of years. Amazingly, while only a couple inches thick, the strength of granite allows it to support thousands of pounds without breaking. Granite is so durable, that other than using professional wrecking tools on your countertop, no accident will cause damage to it. Granite is able to withstand extreme temperatures as well. You can place a pan removed from the stove or oven directly on the surface and the countertop will not discolour or crack. The surface also is chip and scratch resistant, meaning you can use it as a cutting surface, though it will likely dull your blade over time. Cleanup on a granite countertop is also incredibly simple. With just a disinfecting wipe or spray and paper towel, the surface can be cleaned in a single wipe.
The Value of Granite
Granite also retains its value exceptionally well. The first thing people gasp at is the price, but once you realize that price will translate to the value of your home, it is easier to digest. It has been documented that granite can even increase the value of the home beyond its own value, in some case increasing by over ten per cent. The reason for this is the beauty and longevity of the countertop. When potential buyers walk into your home, the granite countertop will be one of the things they remember about the home. Its distinctive look and feel will set the tone for the rest of the home. Knowing it will last for a century or longer with little maintenance is why it holds its value.
Granite Requires Little Maintenance
Regarding maintenance, granite is exceptionally easy to maintain. The surface is slightly porous, which means that over time if not sealed, spills can permeate the surface and damage the appearance. This is why it is generally recommended to use a sealant annually to protect it. The surface is highly resistant to citric acids, oil, alcohol and other liquids, but a sealer will help even more.
Overall, the benefits of purchasing a granite kitchen countertop in Toronto are phenomenal. The unmatched beauty, unique design, strength and durability combined with its resistance to the elements and scratches make it the best product for a countertop. Granite retains its value and can even increase the overall value and appeal of the home. When deciding on the material to construct your next kitchen countertop, granite should be at the top of the list.